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Jun. 26th, 2017 12:49 pm
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Animated Movies/Shorts

Big Hero 6 (8/10) → I am forever bitter about Tadashi. I thought Disney wouldn't be able to manipulate my feelings but I was wrong.

Moana (9/10) → The only thing I didn't like was that long-ass Shiny song. Lowkey wish it'd been traditionally animated but *shrug* what can you do.


Samurai Jack S05 (9/10)Things I didn't like. Spoilers. )

That being said, I very much enjoyed S05 overall. I was worried about the ending—after making people wait so long for it, it felt like one of those things where nothing would be good enough. But the bittersweet final scene felt right, though I think the show would've benefited more from 2-3 more episodes because the final battle/s felt rushed.

Hang the DJ

Jun. 23rd, 2017 04:44 pm
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As I drive halfway across the country and my husband flips through SiriusFM channels, I have come to the realization that I've never been a radio person.

In middle school, I was obsessed with The Beatles and listened to them non-stop. My Walkman was always on me with an album or mixtape. When I got my own car, I kept mixes on hand for driving around (thanks Napster).

I just can't stand most stuff that gets radio airplay and then the songs that I like they play so much that everyone hates them. For example, I really like Paramore and Ed Sheeran but since Tim listens to radio all the time, he hates their singles.

This also leaves a gap in my pop culture knowledge but nothing I'm upset about. I know the good stuff. ;-)

Fandom post: Wonder Woman (2017)

Jun. 16th, 2017 03:39 pm
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Wonder Woman (2017) (10/10) → The ending was clunky and if it were any other character I would raise an eyebrow at the cheese bUT??? Everything else blew away any of my nitpicks! Just. SJKDHAKSAHDJH

I loved the Amazons' fighting style! So. Much. The twirling, the tandem attacks, the holding your ground ;A; Spoilers. ) I love the Amazons in general *clutches face* There were old Amazons and WOC and even if most of them were warriors I think there were artisans, farmers, etc. during the first part with young!Diana. Please give me more of them in Justice League ...

The Diana/Steve was also so good; both of them were fleshed out characters whose story arcs and missions were separate from each other even if they did complement and overlap. Spoilers. )

Diana's squad was the best ffffff. Those little lines about Steve's people taking everything from Chief's and Sameer loving acting but being the wrong color ;A; I wanted to yell in the theater. (I need to go through AO3 to find out if there's squad fic for them already.)

This was. This was just a great movie, guys. If you're only going to watch one DC movie this year, this is it.
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I know this wasn't intentional. I know it was not done with malice, I'm sure it was all about market research and which characters they thought would sell the most...


Check out the Parks & Recreation Funko Pop line up

Notice anyone missing? Like Tom...Ann...Donna...

I mean, I know they only do sets of a few people at once (I'm STILL waiting for the rest of the Buffy and Firefly characters!) but to opt to do a Bert Macklin and Little Sebastian POP rather than another main characters feels weird, even more so since they were persons of color and all the Pops are white people (and a horse...a tiny tiny horse...)

I'm not accusing them of doing this on purpose...but wow. And when I think of how many shows actually *get* their second set of figures to fill out the entire cast...I worry that we will never see a little Tom Haverford with Funko POP swagger.


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