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Oct. 20th, 2017 03:42 pm
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Create Your Own Visited States Map

stealing this from a bunch of people.

I was joking that I should make a map of states I've had to stop to pee it but after further investigation, I actually have stopped in most of those states for real reasons too!

I'm lacking in the Midwest states. No offense to the rectangles.


Oct. 18th, 2017 10:10 am
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It is not until March BUT OMG SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! This venue is really nice and cozy and it should be a real treat to see Weird Al in this kind of setting. They gave me a presale code since I was a member of the online fan club (i.e. I get the newsletters) so I was able to log in today.

Tim was like "That's a Tuesday, it is a school night for Sylvia" and I was like "It is Weird Al and it is so worth it."
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This has not been a good month for my wallet and it is all my own fault.

I mean, I thought it was a good idea to take my Mom to Torrid to buy her something as a birthday gift and ended up buying myself $100 worth of stuff. Then we walked next door to the shoe store and I had mentioned I was looking for flats and we ended up browsing and it was BOGO %50 so then she picked out two pairs she wanted and I figured those would be a good birthday present too. And, of course, I found some shoes too (I cannot resist Beatle boots and they had boots that were Beatle-shaped). Plus I took her out to lunch.

THEN because I shopped at Torrid they gave me MORE coupons which were expiring this week so...yeah bought some MORE stuff there.

AND THEN Library Comic had a Kickstarter for an enamel pin set and at first I was like "eh okay" but then I saw they had a shirt that said "I'd Rather Be Weeding" and I am the WEEDING QUEEN at my library so I NEEDED THAT SHIRT! So I pledged the $30 for that.

Somehow I also stumbled upon a Last Unicorn Tarot Deck Kickstarter and I wasn't interested in the deck but when I looked at the rewards they had a set of enamel pins, which I have really started collecting because 1) I can wear them at work on my lanyard and 2) they don't take up as much collecting space as action figures or t-shirts. So, yeah, just pledged to that to get the 10 pin set because how could I just pick 3??

And now I'm sitting here with my fingers crossed that I can get a fan code for the Weird Al concert tickets that go on sale tomorrow, which I'm sure will not be inexpensive.

OH and for some reason, like, three games on my STEAM wishlist when on sale and I was craving something new to play so I bought them all - which was really just 4 games and they were all at least %50 off, so not as much damage as it could have been but...yeah

Retail therapy, I guess? Maybe this is how I prepare for fall. Squirrels store nuts, I stock up on video games and pin.

On the flip side, I have been cleaning downstairs and working on getting rid of some things and reorganizing my displays. Here are some pictures of how I amused myself the past few nights:

for sale by owner

Oct. 15th, 2017 09:30 pm
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Is anyone interested in Sims 2 + several expansions? They have been collecting dust in my closet for a few years now. It's PC/DVD. I make you SUCH a deal!

Doing a bit of Fall cleaning and finding things I haven't touched in ages and playing the "keep it/sell it/toss it" game.

This has also led to me being distracted by old toys and rearranging my collections a bit...expect pictures soon (if you follow me on Instagram, sorry for the spam! I was having too much fun!)

Also, I'm clearly not into body sprays as I have three bottles of the stuff, still mostly full, and I think they are ~5 years old?

Okay, after all that cleaning and organizing, I've earned some game time!

more Inktober fun!

Oct. 8th, 2017 09:10 pm
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Day 4 - Underwater

Day 5 - long

Day 7 - shy

Day 6 - sword


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